Creating a playlist for yoga is probably on of the most difficult tasks of being a yoga teacher. If it were me practicing, I'd be flowing to Childish Gambino, Linkin Park and Alesso but not everyone has an Ashley Podzius taste in music. So when I come to Spotify to create, I create with intention.

This playlist revolves around the idea of conquering fear and releasing attachment. I don't worry about the student demographic, I worry about why I'm teaching, the intention, and the reason my students are coming to their mats.

Creating Space:

Garth Stevenson- The Southern Sea

Steve Jablonsky- I'm Big

Radiohead- Give Up The Ghost


Dan Aux- Clockwork

Slowdive- Soulvaki Space Station

Hansel Thorn- Standing

Main Body:

Baths- Maximalist

Incubus- Dig

Mokhov- Halycon Days

Winding Down/Shavasana:

MISSIO- I Run To You

Hammock- Like a Valley With No Echo