What is "white privilege"? Look up every single article you see on white privilege and look me in the eye and tell me it applies to EVERY WHITE PERSON IN THE WORLD. I am a 25 year old white female. I still live at home. My parents are divorced and both are trying to make ends meet, just like a lot of us. I am a 25 year old white female. I pay almost $1,000 dollars a month in student loans, hundreds of dollars in credit cards each month because I went to college and I am paying for it. I am a 25 year old white female and I live pay check to paycheck and sometimes that isn't enough. I am a 25 year old white female and I have 4 jobs to help make ends meet because I REFUSE to let money control me and my dreams.

I am a 25 year old female and I say fuck your white privilege. "PRIVILEGE" is what you work for and what you make of it. I feel "privileged" not because of my race, but because of the fact that I know there are options other than staying stuck in a negative mindset. I feel privileged because I know there is a way out of every mess this life throws at me. I feel privileged because I have the honor of living this life right now.

Privilege to me, means having a healthy mind, body and spirit. Let me tell you a secret, mental illness does not discriminate on race. CANCER does not discriminate on race. So if you have a beating heart, a happy mind, and a working body-- you are privileged. If you have a beating heart, a happy mind and a working body, think twice before you call someone privileged because of their race.

I work at a psychiatric hospital and the individuals that I work with would give anything for a mind filled with happy thoughts, a body that isn't breaking down because of addiction, a body that they can honestly say they love. Depression, addiction, anxiety, eating disorders and ALL FORMS OF MENTAL ILLNESS DO NOT DISCRIMINATE. Being privileged means being alive and fighting your way up this ladder that is life. Being privileged means having a body that works FOR you instead of AGAINST you to fight disease.

Privilege is not about the color of your skin, it's not about your job title, what that random guy on the street thinks of you, and it's not about your ancestors. To be privileged is to be a healthy human being who loves. To be privileged is to be a person who shares their light and strength with others. To be privileged is to stand up and say that we are all in this journey TOGETHER filled with road bumps and twists and turns.

And allow me to let you in on a little secret, the more you obsess over the fact that other people are more "privileged" than you or have something you do not have- the more power you give those people. So wake up tomorrow morning and be thankful for being alive and having a heart that has the ability to care for each an every person (and maybe try to care for every person instead of generalize). Wake up tomorrow morning and don't log onto Facebook and feed into the bullshit. And one last ~nEwzFlasH~.. there are some really evil people IN EVERY RACE.. but you know what else? There are SO MANY MORE BEAUTIFUL HUMAN BEINGS with so much light and strength to offer. Just open your eyes and put your phone down and maybe you'll notice. Everyone struggles differently. Stop comparing, stop judging and start accepting.

You are as privileged as your mind is open. You are is privileged as your heart is full. This is your life. Be thankful for it, be honest and true. Be the love and strength that this world needs.