The Festival that didn't ~cHaNge mE~

This past Saturday I attended the Metaphysically Fit Festival in Yorkville. It didn’t change my life, but I did have some pretty philosophical thoughts-

1.)    Why are people drinking celery juice?

2.)    Do they even like celery juice?

3.)    Do these same people also say they LUV kale when they actually hate it?

4.)    Does anyone like kale?

5.)    I would like kale if it was fried in buffalo sauce.

6.)    Wow it’s really wet outside.

7.)    First class is only a few people, this is cool. I love small classes.


9.)    No, please, no partner poses.

10.)  Please don’t make me look into this stranger’s eyes holding their hands.

11.)  Of course you made me do it.

12.)  YAY I can’t wait to learn about Ayruveda!!!!!!!!!!!!

13.)  This talk is cool, I’m ready to look into this herbal med- WHY ARE THERE SO MANY BUGS CRAWLING ALL OVER ME.

14.)  I wish I was one of those yogis that liked bugs.

15.)  Let me try..

16.)  *Bug flies in nose* “Excuse me kind stranger, can I have some bug spray?”

17.)  Why host a yoga festival in Illinois when it’s 90 and humid.

18.)  Ashley stop being a pessimist.

19.)  YAY next class with a teacher I follow on facebook!

20.)  And she makes us step in mud.

21.)  I also wish I was one of those people that liked mud.


23.)  And she’s making us dance. I love dancing in mud.

24.)  Finally a class with a teacher I know!

25.)  Chakras, YES, I can totally dig this class.

26.)  Sun, “Haha you thought wrong. Let me burn your porcelain skin.”


Okay, so this is not to say I didn’t like the festival, I loved it! It challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and do something totally by myself. A challenge to find peace in solitude was exactly what I needed. It was uncomfortable. I woke up, and had to push myself out the door to go- but I did it. Round of applause for anyone who got out of the house or out of bed today, you are stronger than you think.

The vendors were amazing! Tons of fun jewelry, rocks, gemstones and rad clothing.

As far as festivals being ^stellar^ and [life c h a n g I n g], they don’t do it for me. They’re fun to explore, try new things and meet new people. However, it is so distracting practicing while so much is happening around you. Maybe that’s the point? I’m not sure. I do enjoy bigger festivals because the classes are secluded from the social scene. I need zero distractions in my practice in order to reach that state of extra ordinary consciousness. And that’s why I practice- to reach that state and to realize I am so much more than any struggles I’m facing or negative thoughts lingering inside my mind.

Think of this as a very long Trip Advisor review, possibly a rotten tomato? I give this festival an 8/10.. Only because the yoga was not separated by the scene. However, I did what I could to enjoy every moment. And for this experience, I am grateful.