Not a Goodbye, but a See You Soon to Studio Yoga

I have been thinking about this for so long.. While I was thinking and not taking action, I was continuously bothered by the evolution of this great practice we call Yoga. 

I'm tired of seeing videos and photos captioned with a "*spiritually awake*' quote, tired of seeing ALL LOVE ALWAYS posted everywhere when those who preach it, do not practice that statement. And I hate to say it but these people are EVERYWHERE. 

The only poses most seem to enjoy learning lately are inverted poses: handstands, headstands, pinchas, etc. But they get mad when they fall, they veer away from the bad days and only focus on the photo worthy moments.  That is not yoga! 

Yoga is falling again and again until you are strong enough to stand up- and this rarely relates to physical asana. Yoga is emotional, it is deep and spiritual. I found yoga after a long road to recovery post eating-disorder. I found yoga as a healthy and and mindful way to move my body. I gained the knowledge of appreciation in all that my body could do rather than what my body looked like. As cliche as it may sound, this practice healed my body and my mind.

But Yoga has changed. No one seems to be interested in the mind, only the movement. Practitioners (and far too many teachers) seem to care more about how fast you can nail a handstand instead of how effective acceptance can be learned.

For this reason- I am taking a studio break (as of 6/1/18). I teach Yoga every day at work, but to kids who need the practice. These kids have not yet been exposed to INSTAGRAM YOGA and the bullshit it feeds us. These kids learn how to make peace in their own mind and to accept fear as it comes.. and that is Yoga.

During this break from mAiNStrEaM yoga, I will be taking time to practice myself! I've seen so many practices that spark my interests such as aerial yoga and hip hop yoga (if you know me, you know my love for hip hop dance!). I want to find a space where I can practice, heal and learn to be my best self. I can't wait to reconnect to myself, my essence, my Yoga.